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RoHS Compliant

ESD Soldering Mats are designed to protect ESD sensitive components during the soldering process. They are made of two layers - a static dissipative rubber layer at the top and a black conductive rubber layer at the bottom. They are available as Kits that include a mat, a wrist strap and a grounding cord. They offer excellent resistance to oil, grease and most common solvents, hot solders and soldering irons.

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Applications: Electronic Assembly, Electronic Repair Facilities, Soldering in High Temperature Setting

Part Number 2059S series
Color Blue
Material Type ESD Safe Two Layer Rubber
Thickness 0.060′′±0.010′′ ; 1/16"
Resistance to Ground (Rtg) 108 - 109 ohms
Point to Point Resistance (Rtt) 105 - 106 ohms
Tensile Strength >105 Kg./cm.2
Temperature Resistance 1400F - 2100F
blue esd soldering mat
  • Part Number
Blue ESD Soldering Mat Rolls, 2 Ft. Wide
  • 2059S-2x10B
  • 2059S-2x20B
  • 2059S-2x50B
Blue ESD Soldering Mat Rolls, 2.5 Ft. Wide
  • 2059S-2.5x10B
  • 2059S-2.5x20B
  • 2059S-2.5x50B
Blue ESD Soldering Mat Rolls, 3 Ft. Wide
  • 2059S-3x10B
  • 2059S-3x20B
  • 2059S-3x50B