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18 Inch x 30 Inch ESD Three Layer Mat Kit, Blue

Part Number: 3059-18x30BKT

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Blue ESD Three Layer Mat Kits are .093 inches thick and are ideal for static dissipative and flexible work surfaces. These mats have a solid vinyl, homogeneous construction with a buried conductive layer. These properties provide superior physical and electrical qualities. These mats are consideBlue to be our highest quality mats and the best at maintaining an ESD Safe environment. Surface resistivity is 3.0×107 – 9.5 x108 Ohms/sq. Temperature resistance to is -20 degrees F to 160 degrees F. Includes a mat, wrist strap (AFWSB121M), and grounding cord (CGC151M). Also available in gray color.
Custom sizes are available upon request.

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Weight 3 lbs